Robotics Training for Kids

We're pretty thrilled to offer after school enrichment programs for Elementary, Middle and High school students with classes in Robotics and Programming in a fun and caring environment. Students will build and program robots, learn engineering, coding, teamwork, problem solving and creative thinking skill.

LEGO Robotics

Our Mindstorms EV3 Robotics class offers building and programming using LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotic Kit. Student will build Robot using the newest generation servo motors, Ultrasonic sensor, Color Sensor, Gyro sensor and touch sensor. This program is suitable for students in 4th grade and above.

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Python/Java Programming

Learning a new programming language could be hard, boring and time consuming. We teach Python, Java, C++ in a fun and interactive way. students will be introduced to programming concepts using EV3 Robotic kit, games, simulation and apply it to solve algorithms. This program is suitable for students in 5th grade and above.

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Electronics/Arduino Programming

Another fun way to learn electronics and computer science. Students will build electronics circuits using Arduino board and Raspberry Pi and program the robot using C, C++, Java and Python. Student will learn electronics, computer science Integrated Circuits, etc., This program is suitable for students in 6th grade and above.

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Robotics Teams

Students attending classes will be considered to be part of robotics teams. As a member of a Robotics team, students will work on building and programming custom robot to carryout mission. Depending on age, student will build LEGO Robot or Robot made up of Steel and Electronics part.

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