FTC Robotics Team - Omega Squad

Year 2021-2022

Intake Attachment:
The robot's intake mechanism is attached to an arm and helps to lift wiffle balls and cubes and put them on the different levels of the alliance shipping hub or on the shared shipping hub. The red wheels, called entraption stars, spin one way to pick up the shipping element and the other way to drop them. We added a motor to the side of the intake mechanism here so the wheels can spin, and we 3D printed the base of the box itself to ease the process and make the mechanism lighter.

Year 2021-2022 Robot

Year 2020-2021

Year 2020-2021 Robot

Robot Drivetrain:
This year we used GoBilda's Strafer Chassis kit. We used four Planetary Gear Motors to power 96mm in diameter Mecanum wheels. Our robot has a REV Robotics Control Hub and Expansion Hub to control the robot. We use Logitech C270 USB Camera for computer vision and machine learning.
Ring Intake Mechanism:
Robot intake mechanism consists of a ramp and a carousel. Surgical rubes pull the Ring and push them over the ramp. For the ramp we used a chain drive with a single DC motor to power two shafts having surgical tubes to push the Ring over the ramp. We threaded the chain through two gears connected to the different shafts.
Carousel Mechanism:
The robot's carousel mechanism allowed us to turn the Ring 180 degrees, so we can shoot the Rings while driving the robot without turning the robot. Carousel's central shaft is powered by a single DC motor. The central shaft spun surgical tubes to turn the Ring around in the semi-circle closed enclosure.
Ring Shooter Mechanism:
The shooter mechanism allows the robot to shoot the Rings to the desired height. The shooter mechanism consists of a smaller ramp and a 4 inches compliant wheel to shoot Rings. We used a high RPM DC motor to power the shooter wheel. We used projectile Motion formula to calculate the desired shooting ramp angle.
Wobble Goal Mechanism:
The wobble goal mechanism enables the robot to grab and lift the wobble goal. It consists of a Servo motor to hold the wobble goal and a DC motor to lift the wobble goal using the arm and place it outside of the field.
During the autonomous period, our program uses the webcam image to identify the number of Rings placed on the field and place the wobble goal to the right square. Our program uses Vuforia and Tensor flow APIs to identify the number of rings.

Year 2019-2020

Year 2019-2020 Robot