FTC Robotics Team - RoboGOATs

Year 2021-2022 Robot
FTC Team # 18015

Base Robot:
For the base of our robot we used goBILDA's Strafer Chassis Kit V4. The kit includes four Planetary Gear motors that power four 96mm Mecanum wheels. Our robot has a REV Robotics Control Hub and Expansion Hub to control our robot and a Logitech webcam that we use for machine learning.
Carousel Wheel Mechanism:
Our carousel wheel mechanism is made up of a Planetary Gear motor, a Gecko/Compliant wheel from AndyMark, and multiple different channels. The mechanism is placed on the front of our robot to easily spin ducks off the carousel by rotating the carousel left or right at an even speed.
Arm Mechanism:
The arm mechanism consists of a lot of elements such as long channels, a 3D printed cradle, touch sensors, star wheels, and 2 different motors. Its purpose is to pick up and place freight on either of the Hubs. It does this by intaking blocks by spinning them into the cradle making use of the REV Robotics Core Hex motor and star wheels. The 3D printed cradle is used as a backing and smooth transition between the field and our robot. Once it has a piece of freight, the robot lifts the body of the arm using a Planetary Gear motor, drives to the desired location, and finally outputs the freight out by spinning the star wheels the opposite way.
The cradle is the 3D printed piece at the back of our intake system. It’s used as a backing for the freight to slide up against. We decided to go with this design because it’s light and the arm needed to be as light as possible.
In the Autonomous period, we wanted to detect our Custom Shipping Element. To do this, we have a program that uses machine learning and makes use of a webcam to consistently detect where our shipping element is so we can place a block on the correct level during Autonomous mode and earn more points.