FTC Robotics Team Preparation Course - Fall 2023

This course is for students who are wanting to join our First Tech Challenge teams. If your student is interested in technology and engineering, FTC is a great competition. Look at our webpage for more information about the competition and you may also visit FIRST website . This course is suitable for students in middle school and high school. Students will learn engineering skills for FTC, like robot design and programming, and Engineering Design Process.

What Students Learn:

  • Build Robot's Drive Base using FIRST Tech Challenge specified hardware.
  • Program the Drive Base using Java (drag and drop) program.
  • Add Robot controller and Driver station to wirelessly operate using Logitech controller.
  • Learn how to program DC motor using encoder.
  • Learn how to program a Servo motor.
  • Students will learn how to program touch sensor and IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor
  • Engineering Design Process

Course Details:

  • This is a beginners course and no prior robotic or coding experience is required.
  • For students going into 7th grade and above
  • Hardware: REV Robotics controller
  • Programming Language: Java programming (Drop and Drop/Block Programming)
  • Duration: 30 hrs
  • Student-Teacher ratio: 5:1
  • Course Duration: 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm
  • Batch-1: Every Sunday from January 8th, 2023 to June 2023
  • Number of Sessions: 20


Robot using REV Robotics controller