About Us

Robot that can play Piano

Years ago, my son wanted to join a robotics team and our search for a team did not pan out. So we started our own robotics team. We have started this Robotics Club to intentionally create opportunities for our kids and to provide experience science and technology. We started with a one EV3 Mindstorm Robotic Kit, today we provide training using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, BrickPi, Java and Python programming using EV3 Mindstorm. We also run multiple First Lego League (FLL), First Technology Competition (FTC) teams.

Students attend our classes will be given an opportunites to participate in various robotics competitions. We have robotics and coding classes starting from grade 2 to high school. During year 2016 and 2017, our teams also participated in Space Elevator Robo Climb competition (sponsored and hosted by Boeing) and on year 2017 our team won 3rd prize.

Our teams also participate in First Lego League and First Technology Competition and won multiple awards over the last four years.

We keep our class small and each student will get personalized advice and assistance whenever needed. Our program starts for kids in 2nd grade and we engage them still they complete high school.

The Lego robot that you see on the left side is the first robot that we built for my son's music project. It is programmed to play piano. You can watch the demo of the robot playing Piano by clicking the below link.

EV3 Robot Playing Piano